Tuesday, 20 March 2007

My first blogg


This is my first time blogging and it feels a little bit weird. In any case, this blogg is a place where I hopefully will post some ideas and material that will be of interest to some people out there. Of course it has a focus on philosophical theology but I hope it not to be too restricted by that. I also hope people will feel welcome to give a word or two back.

To begin with I am publishing two annotated bibliographies on Emerging Church and Radical Orthodoxy, from material that I have lately been working on. Unfortunately they are in Swedish but I will soon have them translated to Latina Moderna - English - in order to be more oecumenical.

Pax et bonum/ Stefan

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Phil Sumpter said...

As a new blogger you may want to check out this website: http://technorati.com/. If you register with them (for free) you can keep count of who has tagged your blog, and thus see what other blogs are saying about you. I will post a link to your bibliographies at some point, as they are useful.